Dutty Bookman

Still trying, still true

It was only recently that I truly realized what I did that night, five years now to the date. An extraordinary number of people have since impressed upon me the impact that Tried & True, my first book, has had on them as individuals. Yet, it was a powerful conversation with the Eyedealist, a young artistic genius, that drove home the idea that my work has impacted enough individuals so as to be considered an actual, legitimate stimulant to a creative paradigm shift. It seems a whole new generation of creatives in roughly their mid-20s have been influenced either by my audacious literary endeavor directly, or by one of their peers who read it. That was essentially what I was being told over the last summer by one of the most prolific Jamaican visual artists of our time. (As fate would have it, we had this conversation in the very location where the book was launched over four years prior.)

It was when he said, “You have no idea, Dutty.” That was the phrase that convinced me, for real, because I really had no idea. I simply surrendered to the Creation process, as I had since long before November 22, 2011, except that night I did not have a precedent or reference point in my then 29 years to grasp the extent to which I would need to surrender for my book to launch with long-lasting velocity. Stage fright and all, I had to access a new place inside self for the very first time in my terrestrial life. Countless loved ones were there in my presence, staring at me. Meanwhile, I was not present at all. And, also, I was the most present.

Having been operating in this mode ever since, it feels like I have time-traveled a half decade to this precise moment. I am now suddenly aware that I have done the very thing which I had set out to do from the start.

Yes I.

I celebrate these five years as victorious. I give thanks to the source of Life and all my blessings and for the ability to be present still, to marvel at the power of my own mind and to witness other revolutionary-minded ones, in this time, exercising their own modes of Creation.

I don’t write very much these days, by blog or by book, but I continue to do the work. Revolution is dynamic and unfolds in phases. Though some have seemed confused by my more recent foray into musical realms, it actually makes natural sense in the context of my journey. Did I not make my limitlessness clear from the Prologue?

“At any given time, I can become a minister of government, an entrepreneur, a garbage collector or a street sweeper as long as I have determined that it is necessary for the revolution and that I am a suitable individual for that role.” [Page 1]

Another question: How many ways can Babylon fall? Let us watch and see and enjoy the view. Jah bless.