Dutty Bookman

Reggae Revival in 2014

What is next for the Reggae Revival? I have been asked this question countless times during the past few months. Being truthful, the only guarantee I have been able to make about the Reggae Revival is that it will do exactly what it is meant to do. Of course I have my ideas and intentions but only those aligned with the greater universal force will come to fruition. In other words, I am simply endeavoring to do work consistent with the teachings of His Majesty. The more I learn of HIM, the more I focus my own efforts. What will be will be.

Reggae Revival is like a sugar-coated pill. One purpose of branding it, as people might say, was to make it easy to swallow in today’s marketing-driven world where brand identity can hold people’s attention. Yet I know that it is really medicine that many people in this world need. For people who don’t swallow it fast, it can become a bitter experience when the sweet part is done. Are you picking up?


Reggae Revival


For 2014, I really only expect to see oppressive people get a proper spanking. I don’t know how exactly this will happen and, as Bob woulda say, don’t ask me why.¬†Until now, I have not pretended to have the master plan, and I don’t intend to start today. My work has always been spiritual in nature and the Reggae Revival mission is just the same. Many people won’t understand this mainly because our education system and social conditions have made us preoccupied with material matters. So we naturally expect that the solutions to our problems will be solely physical processes. My view is that the process is important, yes, but it is secondary to cultivation of spirit. So I am in the business of spiritual healing for myself, for my community and for the world. My work reflects this stance and I think the world is recognizing this general attitude in the people most associated with the Reggae Revival movement. This is why I keep saying that Reggae Revival is bigger than the music industry. Reggae Revival is the spirit of the times.

Aside from the will of Jah, my energy alone cannot move a movement. It is called a movement because all who care are able to give it direction. For my part, I aim to balance myself, deal with other people respectfully and give thanks for life. As long as I have the ability to continue witnessing and contributing to the unfolding of peace on Earth, then I am satisfied. The outcome is already written.

The basis of my faith in the Reggae Revival rests in the fact that reggae is the music of His Majesty. What I mean is that the most potent and powerful form of the genre has always been driven by the Ras Tafari way of life. Study the history with an open mind and feel for yourself what I cannot get across to you with words. As long as our musicians and songwriters maintain their own spiritual health then we can all benefit from their vibrations. We can also return good vibes onto them if we maintain our own spiritual health too. This cycle of flourishing, positive inspiration, among people who are actively balancing themselves, will inevitably lead to greater works. Effective physical processes will then emerge naturally to strengthen our institutions, whether Reggae Revival or the next thing. This is how we will overcome the struggle to secure the future of our only known habitable planet, which is this Earth. A lot more is at stake than just music and arts.

In 2014 people will have to decide whether or not they will be honest with themselves; and whether or not they will share the energy of love with their fellow human beings. I dare say that there will be no Reggae Revival to talk about in 2015 if we don’t encourage each other in this way. I am most excited¬†to see who are the real revolutionaries and how we will move forward.