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Fallen Fighters U.S. Tour

Fallen Fighters U.S. Tour

For about two weeks from July into August, I will be traveling around the United States for my second annual tour. This trod-ition began last year when I did the Bois Caïman 2016 tour to commemorate the legacy of the original Boukman whose spirit has been a key motivator in my works. This year’s tour is expanded and includes not only music-centered events but also speaking engagements.

This time I am styling the tour with a theme. While it is indeed the 2017 installment of  the Bois Caïman series, I want to make clear my motivation for stepping out this year. The first verse of my favorite Bob Marley song, ‘Heathen,’ is a big inspiration:

Rise oh fallen fighters,
Rise and take your stance again,
‘Cause he who fight and run away,
Live to fight another day.

In my modest travels so far, I have crossed paths with countless people who are on the verge of doing great works that could help counteract the terrible direction humanity is going in today. Unfortunately, many of their spirits are broken and confidence is diminished in the face of the mammoth task before us. I know exactly what it feels like to stumble on the spiritual battlefield even while being aware of my own power. Thankfully, we can fall to rise again.

In the case of Boukman, I have always felt a sense of tragedy that his name and legacy was almost never known to our generation today. His fall was practically permanent when he was beheaded in Ayiti (Haiti), never to rise again physically. All the same, we can draw strength from the good fortune that oral tradition has kept him alive and that we, the revolutionaries of today who still have life, can decide to get back up and strike one more time.

For those of us living in the United States, we can reasonably consider ourselves fortunate to be in a position where our good deeds and actions can have exponentially positive effects. This is because we don’t need to go far to heal this cancer upon the Earth. We are already at the source. I hope and pray sincerely that the words of my mouth and the musical selections that I share along the Fallen Fighters U.S. Tour will provide encouragement for all of us to release our fears and anxieties, and to increase our faith and good works at once. Jah protect us. #BoisCaiman2017


JUL 28 – Austin, TX
JUL 29 – Dallas, TX
JUL 30 – San Francisco, CA
AUG 01 – Oakland, CA ***
AUG 03 – Las Vegas, NM ***
AUG 04 – Albuquerque, NM ***
AUG 05 – Lakewood, CO ***
AUG 10 – Franklinton, NC ***
AUG 11 – Washington, DC

*** On these dates I will be speaking in addition to playing music. All other dates are music only.