“Leadership does not mean domination. The world is always well supplied with people who wish to rule and dominate others. The true leader is of a different sort. He seeks effective activity which has a truly beneficent purpose.”
– His Imperial Majesty, Haile Selassie I.

I am Dutty Bookman, a thinker, an instigator, a family man. I am deeply affected by the human condition and I always seem to be working on ways to improve it for future generations. I have idealistic visions of life and what it should be, and I am learning to balance these visions with the practical strategies needed to achieve them. I resolved some time ago to walk a revolutionary path and, with diligent effort, I am proudly serving a community of likeminded people as we endeavor to become members of a new race, transcending petty divisions in the hopes of everlasting peace.

I try to maintain a low-key, unassuming personality even while living a life of public outreach since the year 2000. Some things that people rightfully associate with me are:

  • inspiring the term Reggae Revival to describe a current movement;
  • co-founding Manifesto|Jamaica, a youth empowerment non-profit organization (2009);
  • being a talk show host on national radio (2007-2009); and
  • operating one of Jamaica’s first social websites with thousands in membership (2000-2008).

Duttyism is the literary voodou that I do from time to time. It is art and science at once. I feel that my public writings are medicinally administered to myself as well as others who read them. Although you won’t find a comments section or contact page anywhere on this website, you are welcome to connect with me on social media. Relevant links are at the top right corner of this website.

As an author, I love to do book signings, panel discussions and inspirational talks. As a DJ, I enjoy playing roots reggae and dub music wherever the vibes are required. If you are planning an event and would like my participation, please email db[at]duttyism[dot]com to discuss it with me.

Give thanks. Love all ways.