Dutty Bookman

November 2: Coronation Day

Google has opted to do a special doodle today in commemoration of something called the Day of the Dead. That is good and well. Respect is due to all people and their traditions. That said, I would like to take this opportunity to share knowledge about a most important moment in world history. November 2 happens to be a day for celebrating something much more life-giving, particularly to the Rastafari movement. Read more

Vogue and our Revival

The Reggae Revival continues to be featured by unlikely media entities. In fact, every time I begin to think that the hype is over and that I can now settle properly into other aspects of the mission, I find that I have to think again. Just two days ago, Vogue Magazine launched a noteworthy online campaign, unleashing a flurry of articles paying homage to various aspects of Jamaican culture. The crowning piece, which is causing quite a stir, was titled ‘Reggae Revival.’ By now I am certain that the Vogue team is aware of the mad ants nest that it poked its big mainstream stick inside, and they are ready to pay more than just homage. They are ready to pay themselves. Read more

Reggae Revival in DC: A synopsis

Washington DC once had a thriving roots community. Midnite was even based not too far from the Petworth Metro station. But something happened. I don’t know what exactly. I’ve only heard stories. The roots energy basically began to wither. Only a faithful few like Dera Tompkins, Papa WaBe, Tony Carr and Dermot Hussey really held the fort in terms of keeping a pipeline open for our music, arts and culture to be exposed. So when people heard that a Reggae Revival was happening a generation later, and that it was actually in town, they quickly investigated the matter. And when I began to tell them what I knew of it and why I thought it needed this name to describe it, it was embraced largely with open arms. Like, wide open arms. Read more

Rastafari’s precarious moment

An interesting thought once came to my mind, that the Rastafari movement at present time is in a phase similar to that of Buddhism in or around the 5th to 3rd century BC. It is a hypothesis that I wish to explore in this writing. Read more