Dutty Bookman

Field notes and a prayer

Where there is no vision, a nation will perish. Not knowing our past history, we are doomed to repeat it. So alluded the lyrics of a rather big tune that made my body sway, drifting from yin to yang and back (and forth) in my mother’s spotless kitchen in Jamaica. Such was the setting in which I began to write this thing you are now reading. Read more

A talk with Protoje at UWI

On February 18, two brothers from other mothers will share a stage at the Caribbean’s foremost tertiary institution. Yes, the University of the West Indies (UWI) will be the setting as Protoje and I reason about some of the lyrics from his most recent album, Ancient Future. It will be a rare moment in the presence of a live audience. And seating will be limited, so act fast to secure your spot while they are still available!

This event will lead up to Protoje's 'Ancient Future Live' show two days later in Kingston.

This event will lead up to Protoje’s ‘Ancient Future Live’ show two days later in Kingston.


Fatidic DUB 2: The Subterrain

Last week, I released the second in what is now turning into a series of mixes bearing the title of Fatidic DUB. I deliberately began the sonic journey of Fatidic DUB 2: The Subterrain with a ‘Narration’ by Count Ossie & The Mystic Revelation of Rastafari. It’s 13 minutes long, thereabout, and I definitely considered that it would lose some people living, as we are, in this world driven by 15-second video clips and so on, but the fact is that ‘Narration’ was the whole inspiration for creating this mix. All the music selected afterwards basically amounts to brawta. Read more

Irie, Monsignor

An honorable man passed away days ago, a loss that simply could not have gone unnoticed in Jamaica, nor by I for that matter. After all, one does not have to subscribe to another man’s path in order to recognize the virtue in that man. So, while I can be diametrically opposed to the Vatican by choice, I can still, by choice, venture to say that Monsignor Richard Albert deserves high praise for his unceasing efforts in the land of my birth. Read more