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Rastafari’s precarious moment

An interesting thought once came to my mind, that the Rastafari movement at present time is in a phase similar to that of Buddhism in or around the 5th to 3rd century BC. It is a hypothesis that I wish to explore in this writing. Read more

What happens when Reggae mixes with Yoga?

One thing I like more than historic occasions is the opportunity to be a part of them. The first annual Yoga Reggae Festival is happening in Washington DC, and it is set to be an epic combination of health and wellness energy, physically, musically and iritically (spiritually) speaking. For my part, I’m bringing some crucial tunes.


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Come and say hello before or after I perform.

Some writings I like

First of all: wow. It’s September. Furthermore, it’s already one week into September! Basically, tomorrow is Coronation Day then. Time is so precious, man. I’m thankful to be spending the bulk of mine with my family, especially in the early life stages of my two sons. The only reason I’m here tagging the virtual city streets of Babylon is because I want to share two instances of impressive writing. Read more

Babylon is a trap

Certain music with certain messages can certainly spark progressive conversations. By that I mean conversations that have the potential to spark critical analyses about the present state of humanity. When I created and released Fatidic DUB – listen it – I witnessed this fact in action, especially with tracks #4 and #5. Some people have found a degree of comedy in that particular transition, maybe because Jamaican and Rastafari cultural outputs are often consumed under the pretext that they are the stuff of minstrel shows. Yet other people have taken it more seriously. They get it. They understand that there was a specific reason why I mixed a popular soundbite from President Barack Obama’s recent trip to Jamaica into a tune called ‘Babylon Is A Trap’ by Dub Judah. Read more