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Babylon is a trap

Certain music with certain messages can certainly spark progressive conversations. By that I mean conversations that have the potential to spark critical analyses about the present state of humanity. When I created and released Fatidic DUB – listen it – I witnessed this fact in action, especially with tracks #4 and #5. Some people have found a degree of comedy in that particular transition, maybe because Jamaican and Rastafari cultural outputs are often consumed under the pretext that they are the stuff of minstrel shows. Yet other people have taken it more seriously. They get it. They understand that there was a specific reason why I mixed a popular soundbite from President Barack Obama’s recent trip to Jamaica into a tune called ‘Babylon Is A Trap’ by Dub Judah. Read more

Love you same way, Babylon

As I drove by Riverton City tonight and smelled the garbage dump that people who live in the vicinity have to inhale daily, I almost let righteous anger prevail. But, honestly, I couldn’t allow that to happen after the kind of day I had which, first of all, began with sunshine. I shared some nice vibrations with my son and slept one of the best afternoon sleeps that money can’t buy – outdoor in the wind’s playground. By my calculation I also had the pleasure of 22 fruits when I ate 2 Number Eleven mangoes some hours earlier. Read more

Listen to ‘Fatidic DUB!’

First there was the word… now let there be the sound! I am really pleased to present my new musical mix to the world. Fatidic DUB truly represents my style as a DJ/selector and, just like the Fatidic book, these selections are meant to counteract the forces that thrive on mental slavery (also known as “babylon”). I don’t know how else to put it. This is the nature of my creativity, my life purpose. Press play and feel the spirit, hopefully.



‘Fatidic’ is self-manifesting

March 21st was when I offered Fatidic: Selected Duttyisms to the world. Yet, that date itself actually became much more prophetic than I ever imagined. You might feel the powers when you watch this video clip from the launch event.


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