Dutty Bookman

The trouble has come

JAH Ras Tafari deserves the Lion’s share of the credit for all wondrous works and Chronixx made this clear in New York City last week. Just after midnight on July 23rd, the actual earthstrong (birthday) of His Imperial Majesty, Haile Sellassie I, the artist performed his hit song, Here Comes Trouble,’ on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon (NBC). The best part for me was that, before singing even a syllable, the first thing Chronixx did was hail HIM! I have been soaking in that moment this whole time, from then until now. Read more

Jamaica, the anointed?

Among the notorious statistics about Jamaica is that it has the most churches per square mile. It is a devout Christian nation in theory but what makes a person really Christian? Linguistically, the word Christ, a Greek rendering of the Hebrew term Messiah, means “the anointed one.” Christians are therefore the “anointed ones,” those blessed similarly to “the Christ” who was divinely anointed. But what exactly anoints them? Scholars have put forth that traditional anointing actually occurred with a type of oil made specifically for the purpose. The oil used in biblical times contained, among other things, the psychoactive cannabis plant, otherwise known as ganja, marijuana, pot and other aliases. Imagine that! Read more

What is the real revolution?

Revolution is almost always seen as a fight against an other but I’m not so sure that is the case. More and more I find myself thinking that it is actually about achieving a mind state where no one at all is your enemy. At the very least, it has to involve a better recognition of the enemy’s true characteristics. Read more

Of moderates and radicals

Within every single movement, we see two poles of temperament. There are radical people who practice swift and aggressive action, and also moderate people who practice diplomacy and patience even with the perceived enemy. Naturally, no person exists who is entirely one or the other. That would be a robot. Read more