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Fallen Fighters U.S. Tour

Fallen Fighters U.S. Tour

For about two weeks from July into August, I will be traveling around the United States for my second annual tour. This trod-ition began last year when I did the Bois Caïman 2016 tour to commemorate the legacy of the original Boukman whose spirit has been a key motivator in my works. This year’s tour is expanded and includes not only music-centered events but also speaking engagements. Read more

A #blxxdclxxt interview

There are few things in life like putting me and Protoje in a room with some good music, and both of us simultaneously in talking moods. If you happen to press a record button in that moment, what you will end up with is pure gold. Thankfully, that is what I did when he followed me to the WZPP radio station one Sunday night in Florida. Now we can all relive the alchemy by pressing play on my soundcloud! Check it out here.


‘Reggae Groundings’ in Guyana


The Guyanese intellectual icon, Walter Rodney, set an important example in his time, connecting directly with people, even society’s disenfranchised, in order to balance the influence of his academic network. His classic book, Groundings with My Brothers, is an important text that should be known to every Caribbean generation now and onward.

In this spirit, and with a desire to be better acquainted with my Caribbean family, I am pleased to be embarking on the upcoming Reggae Groundings tour of Guyana, Rodney’s homeland and the base for the CARICOM Secretariat, which I hope to visit while there. Help me spread word to all Guyanese massive in Linden, Berbice, Georgetown and surrounding areas! I am coming to deliver potent, uplifting roots reggae music and important word-sounds in the spirit of unity, love and progress.